Executive Committee

The Committee shall meet upon the call of the Chair, and a majority of the members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

The Chancellor shall consult with the Executive Committee on appointments of all Vice Chancellors and other senior administrators as defined by the Board of Governors and within the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees. In addition, the Chancellor shall consult with the Committee on appointments of the Director of Athletics and the head coaches of football, basketball, and baseball. The Executive Committee shall make its recommendations to the Board of Trustees concerning the Chancellor’s proposed appointments for all such positions. The Committee may act for the Board between meetings of the Board with regard to recommendations from the Chancellor for such appointments.

The Committee may act for the Board in urgent situations when it is impracticable for the Board to act. The Committee, however, cannot take any action that is inconsistent with the existing policies of the Board of Governors or the Board of Trustees.

The Committee shall report on all meetings and actions taken by it to the full Board at regular meetings.


  • Jason Poole, Chair
  • Vince Smith, Vice Chair
  • Cassie Burt, Secretary
  • Tom Furr
  • Dave Fussell
  • Van Isley
  • Fielding Miller