Athletics & Advancement Committee

The Committee’s jurisdiction shall include intercollegiate athletics, advancement and naming.

The Chancellor, who is specifically charged with the responsibility for the establishment and supervision of the institution’s program of intercollegiate athletics, shall consult with the Committee on matters relating to intercollegiate athletics, including the appointments of the Athletics Director and head coaches for football and basketball. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding institutional policy on personnel, operating budgets, and long-range plans for intercollegiate competition.

The Chancellor shall consult with the Committee on advancement activities, including but not limited to fund-raising, relationships with the University’s tax-exempt affiliates, and alumni affairs. The Committee shall make recommendations to the full Board regarding these policies. The Chancellor also may seek the advice of the Committee relating to issues involving advancement. The Committee also shall advise the Chancellor and the Board in confidence with respect to proposals to name or change the name of university facilities or activities consistent with the procedures and guidelines established in the Board of Trustees Policy on Naming University Facilities and Activities.


  • Fielding Miller, Chair
  • Jim Segrave, Vice Chair
  • Cassie Burt
  • Dave Fussell
  • Van Isley
  • Carl Rogers
  • Scott Shook